Klinisches Studienzentrum


In our department we investigate mental disorder along the life span with a particular focus on mood disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but also schizophrenia and neurodegenerative disorders. Our research teams converge highly interdisciplinary expertise in psychiatry, clinical and applied psychology, as well as applied and theoretical neurobiology to elucidate the pathophysiological, genetic, and molecular mechanisms of these disorders as well as identify novel tailored treatments.

We make use of a diverse range of cutting-edge methods that follow the logic of translational/experimental medicine with results from basic studies being rapidly translated to the bedside and that cover the fields of molecular biology and biochemistry, genetics, animal models, neurophysiology, and neuroimaging.

Fundamental to our translational approach is a high level of collaboration between the more basic research-oriented groups working on cell-free, cell culture as well as animal models, with the more clinical research groups working with human subjects including patients. Moreover, we collaborate closely with research centres in Frankfurt and the broader Rhine/Main region.

Research Groups and contacts


Adult ADHD and Reward System Pathologies

Group leader: PD Dr. Oliver Grimm (o.grimm@med.uni-frankfurt.de)


Dynamic Neuroimaging and Intervention in Psychiatry

Group leader: apl. Prof. Dr. Viola Oertel (v.oertel@med.uni-frankfurt.de)


Experimental Psychiatry

Group leader: Prof. Dr. Michael Plichta (plichta@med.uni-frankfurt.de)


mHealth and Lifestyle Modifications

Group leader: PD Dr. Silke Matura (simatura@med.uni-frankfurt.de)


Molecular Psychiatry

Group leader: PD Dr. Florian Freudenberg (freudenberg@em.uni-frankfurt.de)


Neurometabolic Circuitry

Group leader: Dr. Sharmili Edwin Thanarajah (edwinthanarajah@med.uni-frankfurt.de)


Predictive Psychiatry

Group leader: Prof. Dr. Jonathan Repple (repple@em.uni-frankfurt.de)


Substance Use Disorder and ADHD

Group leader: Dr. Mathias Luderer (dr.mathiasluderer@gmail.com)  


Therapy Resistant Depression

Group leader: Dr. Christine Reif-Leonhard (reif-Leonhard@med.uni-frankfurt.de)


Translational Neuroimaging in Schizophrenia

Group leader: Dr. Robert Bittner (robert.bittner@med.uni-frankfurt.de)


Translational Psychiatry

Group leader: Prof. Dr. David Slattery (d.slattery@med.uni-frankfurt.de)


Translational Psychosomatics

Group leader: PD Dr. Moritz de Greck (degreck@med.uni-frankfurt.de)